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Java: Maven Use

Maven Use for Java

Maven is one of the easiest ways to include Sim0MQ in a Java project. The Maven files for Sim0MQ reside at Maven Central. When a POM-file is created for the project, the following snippet needs to be included to include Sim0MQ:


Of course, the version number (2.1.0 in the above example) needs to be replaced with the version that one wants to include in the project.


SIM0MQ is directly dependent on four packages, which have a limited set of further dependencies:

  • jeromq for a native Java implementation of ZeroMQ. jeromq is dependent on jnacl for several cryptographic primitives.
  • dunits for the use of units. djunits is dependent on jakarta-annotations-api.
  • djutils for the use of several helper classes. djutils is dependent on tinylog.
  • djutils-serialization for the (de)serialization classes.

If the Sim0MQ library is used as a part of a Maven or Gradle project, all dependencies will be automatically resolved, and the programmer / user does not have to worry about finding the other libraries.